Here’s where we keep it real – no sugarcoating real life. We share our thoughts & musings on wellness, mental health, and keeping your head held high through the ebbs & flows of life. Take a look around, read a few posts, and be inspired. Life is a movie and there’s no sequel – live large and intentionally.


Spark to a Flame 🔥

Hey Gifted Crew, A couple weeks ago, I sent out an email about wanting to create, but having no spark. Today, I want to follow

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Happy New Year! 🎉 I’m writing this email because as excited as I am to jump into giving my Gifted Crew attention this year, I

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#MentalHealthMonday – Balance

Inhale, exhale… Hello my Goddesses and Gods. Today we’ll be talking about a little thing called ‘balance’. This is something I’ve been working on the

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Routine ≠ Mundane

I’ve been seeing a lot of discussions around creating a night routine and its highlighted how much I need one. I not only don’t get

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Keep Marching

Hello Goddesses and Gods! I’ve missed sending this positive energy your way, so here I am!  How has your 1st quarter been so far? Mine

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