#WellnessWednesday – Let It Go So You Can Grow 🌱

Hey Goddesses and Gods,

Today’s lesson is about letting go of things that no longer serve you, so you can grow. 

People often talk about how they learn from children, and this lesson comes from my first plant baby, Mo (short for Mo’ Money cause he’s a money tree 💰)

I got Mo sometime in 2019 when I had no idea how to take care of plants. He was growing but I often noticed that his leafs at the bottom would turn brown and when I touched them, they would fall off. I immediately panicked and thought this meant I was doing something wrong.

I asked one of my friends Tisean, who also had a money tree, and she let me know that they often shed the leafs on the bottom, to be able to give nutrients to the new leafs at the top. #Growth.

When I looked at it that way, it instantly made sense and soon after I saw how I could apply that to my everyday life. Some things, people, and places are your bottom leafs that you need to shed. The thing that I love about Mo is that his growth didn’t slow down, and the shedding of the old didn’t effect the growth of the new. I don’t know about you but I aspire to make my growth that easy and painless. 

So I want you to think, is any area of your life where you could be like Mo? Are there habits, people or things you need to let go of to help your growth? It may seem hard, but it doesn’t have to be. 

I believe in you (and so does Mo)

Stay Golden,

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